In your application letter include the following:
Your name or nickname
Year of birth
Monthly income
Are you married or single?
Are you interested in financial domination or other fetish?
Which other fetishes do you enjoy?
If you are a financial slave, how much are you able to tribute me monthly?
(note that I accept the minimum 300 EURO per month)
Are you into humiliation and verbal abuse? (rate from 1 as very much to 10 as not at all)

If some of the information is missing your application will not be considered and will be deleted.

Send your application to: moneydommesuzanne at

So hurry up! Let me play with your mind and rape your wallet!

So finally you decided to contact me?
I hope your stupid little brain understands now what I want and what this is all about.
If you want to get my attention - make a tribute first and then (depending on your generosity) I will decide if I answer you or not.
I am a very demanding lady and it's difficult to make me satisfied!
But try, show me your honest and sincere devotion
, worship me, satisfy my demands, and you may get the privilege to enter my exclusive world.

Poor slaves

Those who cant afford to tribute me enough to become my money slaves still can have some use for me.

- you can help me promote my site
- you can create attractive banners and post them on different femdom sites
- get a second job
- quit your addictions (smoking, drinking) and save the money for me instead

- sell the things you don't need anymore and send me the money
- you can become a whore for me if this idea turns you on ( it does turn me on;)