I am sexy. Very sexy. It's an undeniable fact. And I love using my seductive skills againts you, weak men. I don't need to demand an attention, I get it. I get it everywhere I go. Men can feel this wild tigress inside me, they are naturally attracted to me.

You are just a toy for me. I will seduce you, blur your mind, and then play with you any way I like.

I don't need anything from you. I don't need YOU. You need ME! You need me like your addiction. I am better than alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Yes, you can live without all this, but life is so boring without some relaxing fun. And I can help you relax, take your mind off your work and life problems, off your boring wife and cheeky kids. The relax I can offer you is seductive domination. Don't expect me to bend over backwards to entertain you. I only do what I like and what I feel like doing at the moment. So when I feel like wiggling my ass and shaking my boobs in your face to get you weaker, I will do that. But don't expect it. Don't expect anything from me. Just let yourself carry away with my beauty, charm and natural, seductively dominant skills.

I don't need you to pay my bills. I am not one of those dommes who is desperate to get your money. I have plenty of my own. I made very wise investments and can live just off them if I want to. But I have so much sexual energy and drive and I love turning weak men into my puppies and slaves, I love playing with them and using them to my advantage. I love being pampered and worshipped, showered with gifts and tributes. After all, I am just a woman. But a strong woman!



Don't expect my attention if you have nothing to offer me. Before contacting me, make sure you are able to spoil me like I deserve. Make sure you are strong enough not to go bankrupt once I start playing with you;)

I learned one important thing in life. Sex rules the world. And I just decided to use my natural sexappeal to get what I want and have fun in my life. I don't need to abuse you or use the f-word in every sentence to get your attention. I am a Lady. Why to waste my energy shouting and screaming if I can just wiggle my ass in front of you and you do what I want anyway? :D But, of course, sometimes I am in a mood to shout if you are a total moron and you deserve it. Of course, sometimes I love to humiliate you, laugh at you and put you in your place, if I know it makes you even weaker.

Well, once you are in the Tigress claws, you can't escape. I will learn what you are into, what makes you weak and use it to my advantage. You know that song: Girls just wanna have fun

Now, get on your knees, kiss my photo and send me a tribute!